We Love West Africa

We all know the countries of West Africa for being friendly, beautiful, exciting and colourful places where hospitality rules and where adventure and cultural experiences lay around every corner. Those of us lucky enough to have lived or travelled in the region will have made great friends, had amazing experiences and shared incredible stories, inspiring others to visit the countries that we hold so close to our hearts.

The Ebola Problem

Sadly, the Ebola virus has taken a hold in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, some of the most beautiful and welcoming countries in all of West Africa. The outbreak has brought a huge amount of suffering to so many communities throughout these three countries, and had a devastating impact on the social, cultural and economic make-up of societies.

What We Can Do

We don’t want to stand back and do nothing. We want to help in the fight against Ebola. We can do this by appealing to like-minded people who share our passion for West Africa. By providing financial support to organisations that are working under incredibly challenging conditions on the ground we know we can all play a part in helping bring an end to this outbreak.

Unite for West Africa

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